Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snafuperman almost killed Mericuh!

The cartoon was before the era of Daffy Duck and good old Bugs Bunny. It was basically a way to make kids actually read a book. I can imagine some mono tone voice actor making a PSA about this same subject. Snafurpman or Snapooperman was basically the definition of  A.D.H.D. He was than just messing everyone else study habits and killing every ones brain cells.

He then almost blew up the White House and the tore apart his own generals tank, just because he didn't read the manual or a map. And basically killed everyone on his base. I was surprised that they even kept him in the service after destroying Mericuh.

So remember kids...Read books... Cuz you might kill America......

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zombies? Frankenstein? Russia? YUP

I love the mustaches in this film first off. The start of this film was somewhere under the lines of  artificial blood transfusion.  They tried to see if a dead heart can still function. I don't understand why they would want to do this. But we still try to make us into a zombies and build us from animal parts.

Even though this was interesting movie. The concept was ahead of it's time, but due to lack of technology the concept of this film wouldn't work. It works though the outdated film worked in some aspects of the experiment.

But if you want to get technical the experiment idea was made for hopefully would work on humans.But the sad thing is that they had no filters of any kind so it wouldn't work. Because even our bodies have natural filters to get the excess waste out of our blood, they body organs wouldn't completely function. This experiment had a vat of blood and two levers to make it almost similar veins.

 Even though it "worked" on animals, this test on a human body it would fail miserably. After 9 minutes of the brain having no oxygen, it would basically be barely function if revived after the time indicated. So this outdated piece of epic weirdness. So if this worked we would have a bunch of weird humans that are barely functioning humans.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Booze = Dynamite

Let me start off by saying that this film is a bit outdated. They consider booze as a narcotic when it's considered a depressant such as marijuana. You may be a dead duck if you drink too much in any age of life. But this film tried to make the funny drinks more of a problem than it actually is and died at trying to make a point.
The horrible acting and the over physical acting of the actors of this era. I understand that drinking is a problem of any age and understand that life. And we do spend more money on booze than we do on education. So I understand that we shouldn't  drink at a young age nor drink and drive. But this dynamite that we call  a film was a dud so I hope they get Doc Brown and a fancy DeLorean to fix what they created.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This movie was made in the 40s version of creativity. This was a surprise of a movie! I thought this was going to be something that involved break in the 40s. A 40s Girls Gone Mild, that would explain to me the progression of "Girls Gone Wild".

But this movie was about a man that complained about a life with all these springs. Which to me is like saying I would love to have a life without the Internet. The man was doing his manly, duties and basically had to fix and clean  his sofa. He hated the fact that he had to work with all this springs. Than randomly an ugly animated springs named Coils. Said since he hated the fact that he had to deal with springs he took all the springs out of his life.

The he experienced a car with no springs, watch, sofa, phone and he just had to listen to him say this every time he encountered something that needs and functions with springs. You would here him say " NO SPRINGS!!! (obnoxious annoying laughter)".  Then suddenly he gains the knowledge of every single thing that uses springs he knows exactly how it works. I say that is absolute bull! I never seen someone so knowledgeable about the most random and mundane uses of the everyday spring.

 I thought this movie had a repetitive plot and really annoying over used sound bites. But the animation was top notched for the era. So I applaud them at the usage of modern technology on a daft idea of the importance of springs.

The real life "Rocket Power" Gang needs some "Skating Sense"

This film came out to be pretty groovy. The old guitar tracks and the simple baseline was the driver of this soundtrack. The beach theme music seemed out of place due to the fact that they are in the concrete jungle. Also the premise of this safety video was to help protect yourself while skateboarding in that concrete jungle.

Suddenly the Billy Bob Thornton mustached man progress down the hill and dives into this super dangerously fun hobby. The over sized helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves were the basic condoms of skateboarding. The protection help you stay protected, but it's not a 100% guarantee.  These objects weren't the only rubbers to this safety video.

We saw and heard car accidents folly art every time you heard the actors fall down and get the injury. The fast forwarded motion of the actor was made to actually hurt  and make it into this seemingly important matters of this hobby. But honestly we just should worry about the physical safety rather than the proper etiquette in riding this longboard.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Am I cool bro?

Just to start off I wouldn't be popular back in the day because I wasn't neon white. This whole social thing was portrayed differently. We were may more chivalrous in my personal opinion or and hidden agendas. And the commentary to this training video makes me feel like they should do it now for this Generation X.

I was shocked how they basically said don't call them to late to make them they think that they are the last resort. But in this day and age it makes it sound like don't take her our too late or she would think she is a booty call. And also most of the time in this generation we never meet the parents on this first date. We are kinda a hidden little secret.  I again can't get enough of watching this videos from back in the day. I loved seeing how are mentalities and social boundaries and skills evolve.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mericuh for Dem Part 2

So back to the the classic disaster in the making .I enjoy watching the  hardened and proper cowboy's jawline and him sweet talking to the school teacher. Good thing that I am not lactose in tolerant because of the cheesy narration and to the cheese the spicy Pepper Jack Cheesiness of the string instruments playing behind the actors lines. Also to add on to the cheese fiesta, we have cheesy cutaways and fade outs. Also why do they talk so loud on a train and nobody says anything. It's like everyone can't hear them talking about MERICUH loudly and proudly. The cute subtle love story in the making  was awesome. Just reminded me of the modern day Soap Operas or as my madre says Telenovelas. Just forced smiles and faker emotions than Pamela Anderson's breasts. Speaking of breasts, they haven't really shown any! Most movies in Generation X is sex scene there, fight scene there, drug habit, and sprinkle a little bit of story. So I am glad that again we don't have to show the goods to get the money. Finally in this section of  film ended with a typecast of my fellow brethren. And a tear bringing  "surprising" marriage proposal. ERHMAGERD I wasn't expecting a cliche ending and cut out to this film.